Vitamix’s Mix + Mingle with Ani Phyo Reception

Vitamix hosted a Mix + Mingle reception for me later that evening at Expo West in Anaheim, where I signed another 100+ "Ani's Raw Food Essentials" ....

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Ani’s Expo West 2011: Vitamix & more raw food and friends…

Vitamix invited me to sign books for 2-hours at their booth on Day 2 of Expo West where I signed 200+ books....

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Ani’s Gastrawnomique at Test Kitchen

I presented my molecular gastronomy inspired Raw Food 3.0 at the Test Kitchen last week for a 2-night dinner of 6 courses.

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Ani’s Gastrawnomique Prep at the Test Kitchen

Preparing for my GastRAWnomique dinner at Test Kitchen next week. Top Chef Alex Reznik was cold smoking my cashews for me using a smoking gun to infuse the aroma into my

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Moby at Monster Massive

Moby invited me to Monster Massive in downtown LA where he was spinning to over 40k ravers. It was awesome to see Moby rock the house, he really had the crowd going strong.

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Top Chefs and Ani at the Test Kitchen in LA

Top Chef Alex Reznik invited me, a raw vegan chef, into his kitchen along with 2 other Top Chefs Betty Fraser and CJ Jacobson at Test Kitchen LA....

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Ani Launches New VitaMix TurboBlend VS

I was invited to the VitaMix headquarters to shoot a 60-minute DVD they'll include in their new VitaMix Turbo Blend Variable Speed blender...

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Walk for Farm Animals with Gene Baur in Santa Monica, CA

I had the honor of leading Farm Sanctuary's Walk for Farm Animals with founder Gene Baur in Santa Monica, CA. It was the biggest turnout yet.

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Food Stuff LA Launch at Pedal Patch Community

FoodStuff LA series launches in downtown LA...

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Warrior Up! with Sambazon Acai

Sambazon's Warrior Up with Rob Machado, Kessia Meador, Jon Rose, Hans Rey...

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