Ani’s Raw Food Essentials at Book Soup

Friday evening was the first stop along my book tour for Ani's Raw Food Essentials. Book Soup arranged a special and very early drop shipment of my books to be delivered 3 weeks early. Official sale date isn't until June 1st. So, Book Soup is where I got to see my new book in person. It's always super exciting to hold a c

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Ani’s Raw Food Essentials Tour Day 1+2 from my book tour day 1+2 in Hollywood, CA taken by Tyler Golden

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A Photoshoot with Sambazon Acai

I'm stoked Sambazon asked me to be a part of their new campaign. I had so much fun on the photo shoot last Friday in Hollywood. Sambazon draws together the most amazing people from pro surfers,

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Moby in LA for ‘Gristle’ & Frances Fisher

Moby, one of my favorite musicians, was at the Skirball Cultural Center last night on tour speaking about his new book Gristle.....

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Post Genesis Awards Brunch

Sunday was the annual post Genesis Awards Vegan Lovers Brunch hosted by Chef Moira Nordholt and Ron at their lovely home on the beach in Venice.

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Tour Dates for Ani’s Raw Food Essentials

I'm excited about my newest book Ani's Raw Food Essentials, available everywhere by May 3rd. It's a huge hard cover book with over 250 recipes. It's printed in 2 color, like Ani's Raw Food Kitchen. My goal is to make my books accessible, and get these recipes into your hands so you can enjoy making healthy treats with them. By printing in 2 color instead of full color, the book only costs $27 rather than $45. There's gorgeous color inserts, as you can see from the photos above.

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Expo West Day 1

Expo West is always a great place to find new products and the best of friends. The largest natural products show in the world was last weekend in Anaheim, CA.

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Ani Voted Sexiest Raw Vegan Woman 2009

I’ve been voted Sexiest Raw Vegan Woman 2009 by the raw community again this year, but by default. Alicia Silverstone actually won the votes, I came in 2nd place. But she doesn't consider herself raw anymore. What an honor! Plus, Steve from Sacred Chocolates sent me a congratulatory package of his delicious chocolate hearts...yummmy. Last year, I was surprised that I was awarded 1st place for Best of Raw 2008: Best Chef Favorite Cookbook Sexiest Raw Vegan Woman and 2nd place for Favorite Educator Listen to my interview from last year on Raw Inspirations Radio where I chat with lovely host Laura Fox about my history, inspirations, and what the future holds.

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Ani’s Raw Food Essentials

My new book, Ani's Raw Food Essentials, will be available everywhere May 3rd! I was dropped shipped an early copy fresh off the presses, and this is a huge book. With over 250 recipes, it's my first hard cover. It's always amazing to hold the finished book in my hands. And, it takes 9 months for the book to be designed, printed, and distributed before it shows up in bookstores. A long journey.

Overview of Ani’s Workshop at Mom Tri’s Villa RoyaleAni

Ani Phyo's Raw Food Kitchen at Mom Tri's Villa Royale, Thailand: 2 min, 41 sec Watch video This is an overview of the workshop I taught in Thailand at Mom Tri's Villa Royale in Phuket. It was edited and posted immediately after the workshop on January 24, 2010. This video ends with a view of the beautiful sunset over the ocean. The end to a perfect day. Watch video

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