my first sunrise on Bali

I woke up super early, and it was still dark outside. I quickly threw on clothes and headed to the beach to catch my first sunrise on Bali. This was also my first sunrise of this new decade.

I was surprised at how many Balinese and young children were up and about so early in the day. Many were sitting on the water’s edge already, waiting for the sun to come up.

heart tree

a heart shaped tree

Soon after sunrise, I came upon this heart shaped tree. I took this as a sign for all good things to come today on this Island of the Gods.


a tiny shell

Later, I found this tiny shell on the beach. It reminded me of how easily I get caught up in work when I’m back at home, and how easy it is to miss something so beautiful along my path. I have to remember to stop and smell the roses more frequently when I return to America.

Another thought that came to mind was that no matter how big something good or bad is, it’s all relative. In the grand scheme of life, everything changes and passes away anyways. So there’s no need to feel attached to things. I’ve got to remember to keep my eyes open to find bliss in the tiniest of places in every moment.