I recently spent a few days with Kyra and Billy at their home in beautiful Carmel Valley, CA to help Kyra with her weight loss and health goals. I left Kyra with 2 days of recipes and a couple new exercise regimens that will help build her muscle mass while accelerating her fat burning.


Kyra had been struggling with her weight since she turned 40. She lives a clean life, is mostly vegetarian and eats fish a couple times a week, and is in tune with healthy living. Kyra goes to the gym several times a week, and takes long walks almost daily. She travels for work about 2 weeks each month, and wanted an easy plan for preparing her own food when not at home. Plus, she wanted to be able to balance out the excess food and drink across the rest of her life with healthier detoxing foods made at home. Kyra needed refinement to her regimen to up her health results.

Her man Billy, on the other hand, is not as health conscious. His diet consists of primarily animal products, and it’s been a struggle to get him to even taste the healthier foods Kyra makes.


First, I helped to clear out Kyra’s fridge and pantry. Next, we went to the local co-op, where I taught her to shop for ingredients and produce. We also went to Earthbound Organic’s Farm Stand, which was full of amazing veggies and fruits.


I replaced all of Kyra’s protein powders with whole, unprocessed foods like quinoa, buckwheat, sea vegetables, dark leafy greens, with occasional eggs and fish.
To offset her intense sugar cravings, I upped her protein intake, using the ingredients listed above.

I also taught her to make staples including:

  • many varieties of Nut Mylks, which are fast, simple, and economical to make.
  • Nut Yogurt from nuts and seeds, doctored with with low-glycemic yacon syrup, goji berries, spirulina powder, and chopped nuts and seeds.
  • Quinoa Porridge for breakfast, made with nut mylk and sometimes an egg or 2 for variety.
  • Quinoa Salad, made with kale, spinach, and other green leafy vegetables, sauté onion and mushrooms, shredded cabbage.
  • Chocolate Superfood Sauce, made with cacao, coconut oil, mesquite, spirulina powder, and maca. Used on sliced stone fruits, and over a Cashew Ice Kream we made.


We went to the gym twice, where I taught Kyra to use heavier weights and to activate every muscle group. I explained there is no fear of bulking up when keeping caloric intake the same.

Heavier weights = more lean muscle mass = higher metabolic rate = fat burning!


The key for Kyra is to eat about 200 to 300 calories every 2 1/2 to 3 hours throughout the day. I taught her to eat about 2 big handfuls of food at each sitting….enough to be hungry again in about 2 hours.


Kyra sent me an update a few days ago telling me she’s already feeling better and is happier with how she looks. Billy, who liked the Quinoa dishes we had made, continues to enjoy them with her.

Krya is dedicated and determined, and I know that in just a couple weeks she will be seeing and feeling even more positive results!

If you’d like information on how to get me to come to your home, take you shopping, help you set up your kitchen, teach you simple recipes, and start you onto a fitness regimen to help reach your health goals, please email Jae at